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Whether you want an accent color, moulding refreshed, a pop of color on a door, or an entire inside of a house covered with paint, our painter in Bendigo is skilled to help. A fresh coat of paint or an appealing color on the interior of a home makes a room look clean and inviting. Painters in Bendigo Vic know that even painting the moulding, door, or cabinets can make a huge difference in appearance.

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Hiring a professional interior painter Bendigo makes the process go smoothly and quickly with proper preparation and clean-up. Our experts come to you, set up and prepare the room before painting begins. When our painter in Bendigo is done, we will leave your room clean by removing all of the painting materials, sweep your floors or vacuum carpeting, and move all of your furniture back where it belongs before we leave.

Painting the interior of a home or business is a fast and easy way of giving it a clean, new look. Adding a coat of paint is one of the most inexpensive ways of changing the entire interior design to enjoy or to stage for selling a home.

Let our painter in Bendigo make your interior rooms look beautiful, fresh, and clean with a new coat of paint. Contact us today for a free estimate.

  • What is the process for interior painting?

Interior painting in Bendigo begins with a survey of the room. The next step is to move all of the furniture and anything that is hung on the walls to the middle of the room and cover it with drop cloths. Next, we prep the walls which includes repairing any cracks or holes from nails. Finally, it is time for the painting, considerably with dulux paint to begin with the ceiling trim followed by the walls. When we are done and the paint has dried, we move everything back to their original position, vacuum or sweep, and leave the area cleaner than how we found it with a fresh, new coat of paint.

  • Should I have my floors refinished or installed first? What about carpet?

While it is the walls and floor boards being painted, there is another consideration. How will the painting affect your floors? Before the interior painter gets started with the painting process, it is important that the flooring is already in place. If you are having new carpet, wood, or laminate flooring installed, have that done first. If you wait until after the room has been painted, you take a chance on damaging the newly painted sections of the room. The floor installation often damages or marks up the baseboards and the walls. Our interior painter Bendigo will always mask and protect the flooring before any painting begins.

  • How do you determine the amount you will charge for my painting project?

When determining the amount of how much it will cost for your painting project, there are many things to keep in mind. The cost of interior painting in Bendigo will be determined by factors such as the size and type of area to be painted, what kind of windows or additional trim work needs to be done? Also, what color and how many accent colors will be included? What amount of preparation needs to be done? Are there plants in the room or a lot of furniture that will need to be protected? What quality of paint will be used? All of these factors will be taken into consideration before an accurate cost can be estimated.

  • How do you prime and paint my walls?

Interior painting in Bendigo recommends that the walls be primed as soon as possible after taping them off and spackling. However, it should be done before the interior trim is put up. A drywall can be primed in two days. After the walls are primed, any issues with the drywall will become visible. When the walls are primed before the trim goes up, it becomes easier for the carpenters to see how the trim will look against a white wall. Also, when the prime is put on the walls earlier, it will ensure that all of the drywall is sealed before any cabinets are installed. After the priming is done, our painter will cover all of the walls with two coats of paint.

  • How long does interior painting take?

A typical room inside a house will take about a full day and a half to complete painting. Often, panting Bendigo professionals are able to complete the project in a single day. The time it will take to dry and then do any touch-ups is what usually puts it over to the extra half of a day since our painter needs to return the following day to finish. If several rooms are being painted all at once, things will move slightly faster since we are able to work in a second room while the first room is finishing the drying process.

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