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Painting Project in Golden Square 

After our work was done, the house in Golden Square Bendigo looked brand new.

The weatherboard house in Golden Square Bendigo received a complete exterior paint job by Painters Bendigo.

All the wooden weatherboards as well as the timber window frames and guttering were painted.

The painters in bendigo team used a mid-grey colour for the weatherboards and a white colour for the window frames and trim.
The job took several weeks to complete and the result was a fantastic transformation of the property.

The before and after photos show the dramatic difference that a new coat of paint can make to a property.

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Here is How The Painting Project Started

The first step was to pressure clean all the dirt and grime off the weatherboards. This was done using a high pressure washer.

The next step was to repair any cracked or broken weatherboards. The painters Bendigo team repaired any damage and then sanded all the weatherboards smooth.

After the weatherboards were repaired and sanded, they were primed with a special exterior primer. This helps the paint to adhere better and also provides extra protection against the elements

After the weatherboards were dry, they were sanded down to create a smooth surface for the new paint to adhere to.


We also helped the customer to choose a colour from a few options and applied the samples

colour consultation bendigo 

The next step was to apply a primer coat to all the window frames and trim. This was done to ensure that the paint would adhere well and also to provide extra protection against the elements

Finally, the painters Bendigo team applied two coats of paint to all the weatherboards and window frames. We used a brush for the edges and a roller for the larger surfaces.

Main feature was the front door which customer wanted it in a feature colour – light blue shade.


Final Thoughts On Our Painting Project In Golden Square

We are so happy with how the painting project turned out in Golden Square! The new paint job has made such a difference to the property and we are absolutely thrilled with the results.

If you consider painting your house then definitely get in touch with Painters Bendigo, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂


Painting Weatherboard House in Golden Square

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